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Regular Size Cappuccino Grizzly Bear Rug

Regular price $150.00

ClaraLoo Regular Size Cappuccino Grizzly Bear Rug. This is an all fur rug lined with a soft flannel fabric. This rug has crochet ears and muzzle. This Regular Size Bear Rug measures approximately 48 inches long x 40 inches wide.Pink Bows are a separate add on. Please see my shop for that special listing!

Processing time for this item is approximately 3-5 days. Please keep in mind that all items are made to order so each piece is unique just for you!
•Made in my smoke free home.
•Spot clean only.
•The bear rug is NOT attached to the cream colored rug in the listing photos. The cream colored rug is NOT included.

Copyright Notice: © 2016 Claraloo Creations All Rights Reserved. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do! But please note that the product designs in this listing are my exclusive property.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

The products from this shop are so beautifully made it’s crazy! She went above and beyond and I’m so excited to be able to use these in my son’s nursery. Her work is amazing and I highly recommend!

Lisa Featherston

Super cute!

Kelsey Johnson
So Cute

The bear rug was everything I hoped for and more! It is so well made, very appealing, and perfect for our little boy’s nursery! Even the dogs love to lay on the soft fur. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!

Danielle Warren
Even better than expected

Very impressed with the quality of this bear’s adorable! Can’t wait to put it in the nursery! Also received it in a very timely manner. Would definitely do business with ClaraLoo again.

Plush Hand-Crocheted Bear Rug for Children's Nursery Room

Transform your child's nursery into a magical haven with our enchanting, plush cappuccino Grizzly Bear rug. Designed to bring warmth and comfort, this hand-crocheted Grizzly Bear rug is more than just a floor covering; it is a companion for your child's imagination and a cozy friend for playtime, naptime, and story time.

Each Grizzly Bear rug is meticulously crafted with the softest flannel fabric lining, ensuring a gentle touch against delicate skin, making them perfect for all ages. The cuddly fabric, combined with charming crochet details like crocheted ears and muzzle, adds a whimsical touch that is as cute as it is cozy. Ideal for snuggling, this rug provides a safe and soft surface for infants exploring during tummy time and offers a dreamy escape for older children immersed in imaginary play.

Our Grizzly Bear rug stands out as a plush, comforting addition to any nursery or child's room. Its design not only enhances the room's aesthetics but also turns the floor into a huggable surface, inviting your little ones to explore, play, and rest in a space that feels like a natural haven.

With our handmade, cozy, and cute cappuccino Grizzly Bear rug, you're not just decorating a room; you're creating an environment where comfort meets imagination, and every moment is an opportunity for cozy cuddles and playful adventures. Order now and give your child's room the ultimate touch of comfort and joy. 

This Grizzly Bear rug offers several benefits for a child's nursery or playroom:

  • Comfort and Softness: The fur surface of this Grizzly Bear rug combined with the soft flannel lining provides a cozy and gentle area for children to play, sit, or lie down, ensuring a comfortable space for various activities.
  • Warmth: The materials used in the Grizzly Bear rug contribute to a warm and snug environment, making it perfect for colder days and adding an extra layer of warmth to the room.
  • Safety: The soft flannel lining and the plush fur surface of this Grizzly Bear rug can cushion falls, reducing the risk of injuries during playtime, making it a safer option for active children.
  • Stimulates Imagination: The Grizzly Bear rug design with crocheted ears and muzzle can spark children's imagination, encouraging creative play and storytelling, as they might incorporate the bear rug into their play scenarios.
  • Decorative Appeal: This Grizzly Bear rug’s unique and charming design adds a whimsical and cozy touch to any nursery or playroom decor, enhancing the room's aesthetic with a theme of nature or adventure.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various activities, from reading and playing to napping, this Grizzly Bear rug serves multiple purposes in a child's room, maximizing the use of space.
  • Durability: Crafted to withstand the wear and tear of everyday play, the quality materials and craftsmanship ensure this Grizzly Bear rug can hold up over time, making it a lasting addition to the room.
  • Easy to Clean: Despite its plush fur, this Grizzly Bear rug is designed for easy cleaning, ensuring it remains hygienic and suitable for children's environments.
  • Sensory Development: The different textures, from the soft fur to the crochet details, can stimulate tactile exploration, aiding in sensory development for younger children.
  • Encourages Relaxation: The soft and comforting nature of this Grizzly Bear rug creates a tranquil space for children, encouraging relaxation and downtime in a stimulating environment.