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Magical Creatures

Magical Creatures
Regular price $129.99
Regular price $110.00
Unicorn Wall Mount
Regular price $99.00
Unicorn Lovey
Regular price $70.00
Dragon Wall Mount
Regular price $125.00
Dragon Plush
Regular price $136.00
Regular price $85.00
Unicorn Rug
Regular price $170.00

Frequently Asked Questions

ClaraLoo products are handmade in the United States directly by the ClaraLoo owner and her team.

Options within the Magical Creatures collection include unicorn, dragon… and so much more!

ClaraLoo products are made from a variety of materials depending on the specific item.  Please see item descriptions for details.

Yes!  Many items in the Magical Creatures collection coordinate well together!  For example, the unicorn rug is available with a matching wall mount, lovey, and plush.

Yes!  Many items across ClaraLoo collections coordinate well together!  For example, the Blankets and Pillows collection pairs nicely with almost every ClaraLoo product.

Please review item descriptions for product dimensions and consider how they would fit within your space.

If an item you want is sold out, then please email and we will try to accommodate your request.

Custom requests can be emailed to

The processing time for your order is listed directly in the product listing for the item you purchased.  Processing time refers to the maximum number of days it will take for your item to be shipped by ClaraLoo after your purchase is made.  The processing time does not include the actual shipping time and is not the same for every product listing.  Customers oftentimes receive their item(s) many days (or even weeks) before the advertised processing time.  You can email for additional information.  

If you message your request to, then we will let you know what is possible for accommodating your request.  

Shipping times vary by location.  Please reference the shipping details at checkout.

Returns are accepted if initiated within 3 days of the customer receiving the product.  The customer is responsible for paying costs for the return shipping.

Yes. I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do! But please note that ClaraLoo product designs and photography are my exclusive intellectual property and I do not sell any patterns.

You can email your question to ClaraLoo Customer Service at