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Woodland Creatures

The Perfect Pairing Woodland Creatures

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Enchanting Woodland Collection

ClaraLoo sells handmade woodland animals nursery decor to spark imagination. All our decorative children’s products are created with love and care. From soft blankets and rugs, to huggable plushes and crocheted loveys, our Woodland Collection has something for everyone.

Our woodland animals nursery and playroom decor is handmade with love to spark wonder and create a comforting environment. From handcrafted stuffed animals and snuggly loveys to plush bear rugs and whimsical wall mounts that inspire imagination and invite cuddles, we celebrate the joy of childhood with each stitch and thread of our lovingly made woodland creatures nursery products.

ClaraLoo’s collection of handmade, woodland animals nursery products for children feature animals such as bears, moose, deer, owls, foxes, and more to decorate your child’s nursery, bedroom, or playroom.

Shop for woodland animals nursery decor, blankets, rugs, plushes, loveys, wall mounts, and more from our woodland creatures nursery collection to add woodland charm to any nursery. Embark on a cozy adventure into the heart of the forest with our woodland animals nursery collection of handmade treasures, crafted with love for your little ones.

Our Woodland Collection Products

All our decorative woodland animals nursery rugs are handmade with love and care. Many of our fur rugs are lined with a soft flannel fabric and feature crocheted animals features like ears and muzzles for a realistic and comforting nursery companion.

Our woodland animals nursery plushes are the perfect combination of decor and toys for children, combining the comforting aspects of soft toys with the educational value of nature-inspired themes. Our woodland animals nursery plushes come in a variety of colors and sizes, each one handcrafted with love and care.

Loveys can provide comfort to children in stressful situations or when they are upset, helping to soothe them back to a state of calm. All our woodland animals nursery loveys for children are hand-made with care and take the form of cute and cuddly animals, making them perfect for helping babies and children self-soothe. 

Wall Mounts
Our handmade woodland animals nursery wall mounts rest on 16 x 12-inch wooden plaques that have been painted white. Mounting hardware is already installed on the plaques. Our woodland animals nursery wall mounts come in a variety of colors and feature optional add-ons like pink bows and crocheted eyes.

Our woodland animals nursery crochet baskets feature hand crocheted ears and faces, making them a great addition to any room. Measuring 10" x 10", these circular crochet baskets are soft and come in a variety of colors to match your nursery or playroom room colors and other decor.

Our woodland animals nursery pillows feature extremely soft minky fabric withes flannel patch that features original ClaraLoo animal-themed artwork. Our woodland animals nursery pillows measure approximately 13 x 14 inches and are backed with furry white plush faux fur and come in a variety of colors.

Cuddle up with a cozy woodland animals nursery blanket from ClaraLoo. Our handmade blankets are double-sided with soft minky fabric. Each woodland animals nursery blanket measures approximately 30 inches by 40 inches, making them the perfect size for children, toddlers, and babies and includes a ClaraLoo animal-themed flannel patch.

Bringing The Magic Of Nature Inside

ClaraLoo’s woodland animals nursery collection is the perfect way to bring the magic of the forest and woodlands inside your home. Woodland themes in children's decor create an enchanting and immersive environment that captures the magic and mystery of the forest and woodlands, bringing it indoors for children in nurseries and playrooms. This woodland creatures nursery theme encourages imagination, creativity, and a sense of adventure, making it an excellent choice for young minds to grow and explore.  

Here's how woodland animals nursery themes can transform children's spaces: 

  1. Nature-Inspired Palette
    Our woodland animals nursery collection uses a color palette inspired by nature, incorporating earthy tones such as greens, browns, rust, and mustard. These colors can create a calming and nurturing environment, reminiscent of the forest's serene and peaceful ambiance. Accents of brighter colors like sky blue or sunset orange can add a whimsical touch, echoing the vibrant life within the woods.
  2. Forest Creatures and Fauna
    Woodland creatures nursery decor such as bears, deer, foxes, owls, and moose adds a lively and charming element to any space. These animals can be incorporated through wall art, bedding, rugs, and even as plush toys, creating a sense of companionship and wonder about the natural world.
  3. Botanical Elements
    Complementing our woodland animals nursery products with botanical elements such as plants, trees, leaves, and flowers into the decor brings the lushness of the forest indoors. Wallpapers or decals with tree motifs, leaf-patterned textiles, and even real or artificial plants can enhance the woodland creatures nursery atmosphere, making the room feel like a forest clearing or a magical grove.
  4. Texture and Materials
    Using natural materials and textures such as wood, wool, faux-fur, and cotton can add to the authenticity and sensory experience of the woodland theme. Furniture and decorations made from these materials not only look the part but also invite children to touch and explore, further connecting them to the natural world.
  5. Interactive and Imaginative Play
    Woodland-themed play areas, such as teepees, treehouse beds, and play mats with forest creatures, encourage imaginative play and adventure. These elements can transform a simple playroom or nursery into an exciting landscape for children to explore, fostering creativity and storytelling.
  6. Educational Opportunities
    Our woodland animals nursery collection also offers educational opportunities, as children can learn about different animals and ecosystems in a fun and engaging way. Storybooks, puzzles, and games featuring woodland scenes can complement the decor while enriching children's understanding of animals and nature.
  7. Inviting Natural Lighting
    Soft, warm lighting can mimic the dappled sunlight of a forest, creating a cozy and inviting space. Fairy lights, lanterns, and night lights shaped like woodland creatures can add a magical touch, making bedtime a cozy and relaxing time for children to unwind after a long day playing, exploring, and adventuring.

Frequently Asked Questions

ClaraLoo products are handmade in the United States directly by the ClaraLoo owner and her team.

Animals included in the Woodland Creatures collection include bear, moose, deer, owl… and so much more!

Types of products included in the Woodland Creatures collection include animal rugs, wall mounts, loveys, plush animals… and so much more!

ClaraLoo Woodland Creatures are made from a variety of materials depending on the specific item.  Please see item descriptions for details.

Yes!  Many items in the Woodland Creatures collection coordinate well together!  For example, the bear, moose, deer, owl, and fox products pair nicely for a woodland-themed nursery.  You can also find matching products for the same woodland animal, such as a bear rug paired with a bear wall mount, bear plush, and bear lovey.

Yes!  The woodland themed little bear blanket can be paired with a matching little bear pillow.

Please review item descriptions for product dimensions and consider how they would fit within your space.

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